Saturday, February 21, 2009

It seems the count down has begun, only 2 months and the girls will be 1. April 16th is the big day... It's a weird mix of emotions. I love that they are getting bigger, more independent, more interactive with me and each other, but at the same time I want it all to stop and slow down. This time last year I had a huge bump of a belly and we were anticipating the arrival of our babies. Thinking they would come early

Last night Aaron and I went to the Chris Tomlin concert in Houston and worshiped God with everything we had. Granmommy was gracious to keep the girls all day Friday and then overnight so we could have a day to ourselves. It was lovely and relaxing. No time limits... I'm so used to looking at the clock continuously throughout the day because of eating, napping and wondering when Aaron will be home! Yesterday we didn't care what time it was and enjoyed the beautiful day. I'm not posting pics this time but will later in the day.

The girls have 6 teeth altogether, which the top 4 came in at 9 months. I am thankful that they cut their teeth at the same time and all 4 top came in together too!! Because of this milestone that happened together, we wonder could they be identical? Sometimes we think they could be, especially when everyone outside of our house thinks they are!!! Aaron and I are the only two who can tell them apart and who are convinced they are fraternal, I'm sure time will tell us as they continue to grow.

They are eating anything and everything they can get their hands on... or that I put on their tray or in their mouth. Table food has become their food of choice and they get frustrated with me if I try to feed them from one of their bowls. This all started when they were sick in January and stopped eating for a while. We went back to lots of formula and started back to scratch on solids. They then showed me what they were ready for and it wasn't baby food anymore. It has been hard to learn what to feed and how to feed babies, especially two of them! I was stressed for a while, but I am finally realizing that they can pretty much eat anything, except a few main foods that get choke them. It's been hard, but God is in control of these babies and he shows me everyday.

Their personalities are completely different...Maegan in soft spoken, squeels, is high pitched and laid back. She is happy in one place on the floor and in a rainforest jumper. I usually have to take her out when I'm ready, instead of when she's ready. She has taken to table food amazingly, which is completely opposite from a couple months ago when she would cry until she was out of her chair. Sadie is loud, grunts, has a lower voice and is ready to get on with the next activity. She is very active on the floor and doesn't stay long in one place. Sadie on the other hand does not want to be in her high chair long, so fusses until she's out... unlike a couple months ago when she was happy in her chair while eating. They swap personalities all the time and as soon as Aaron and I get used to one way with them, they have decided to switch and turn it around on us.

The girls are starting to cruise now. Maegan began moving her feet around and picking up her legs while standing about two weeks ago and Sadie started this week. It won't be long until they will be everywhere in our little house and I will be right behind them. They have really started to interact and play. I love to sit back and watch while there not looking. I will update with pictures next time.