Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009!

We had a wonderful day today... the girls woke up to find easter baskets with a monogrammed bunny (So there is no confusion later on with who is whos) and eggs with baby treats inside. So fun! They enjoyed it and cuddled on their bunny all morning. We went to church with Aaron's mema and papa and then to their house to celebrate this wonderful day with the Landin's. The girls first Easter was a hit! Here are some beautful pictures...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

6 days!

Playing at the park on Good Friday

Maegan crawling in the grass

Maegan posing with mommy

Sadie playing with da da

Sadie getting a smooch from mommy

mmmm...Sadie licking soup off the lid

mmm....Maegan's turn

The girls will be one in 6 days... bitter sweet. They are all over the place these days!!! Crawling, cruising, scooting, whatever and however to get somewhere. I am just waiting the day until the first independent steps will be made. They have the balance, just not the confidence yet. I think Sadie will be first, but once Maegan sees her doing it then she'll be right along with her. I haven't put up gates yet, but I see that I'm going to soon.

It's crazy to say, but I am feeling more freedom these days...The freedom to leave the house more often and the freedom to leave them with family/friends during the day. They have always been great at their Granmommy's house but other times not so much without their mommy. The girls are growing more independent and I'm not as worried as I once was. They are pretty content most of the time and love being outside or inside. They explore anywhere and everywhere and that keeps them quite busy.

Easter is this week and then their birthday is next week, so we have a fun couple of weeks ahead. I am sad that my babies are growing up, but so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy growing girls... they have the sweetest smiles and their personalities are amazing.... very different and amazing. I know the days to come will be filled with even more excitement and adventure than the last year... Here are some recent pics...