Monday, August 31, 2009

End of Summer Padre Trip

Twin girls are extra cute when they can walk at the beach. This is their second time, but last time they were just crawling in the sand, this time they were running! We went down this weekend with our friends Steven and Emily, and their boys Titus and Quinten. The girls had the most fun we have ever seen them have. They ran, dug, scooped, threw, squished and ate as much sand as they could. Our only regret is that we are back at home in Bryan now.


Where are we going?

Julz and Sadie

Julz and Maegan


"What do we do now?"

Twin sister beach pool


Julie and the girls with Randi and Jill

What a beautiful family (and a handsome husband)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playin' in the Driveway

The girls have gotten so big in the last few weeks. We have been amazed at how walking has changed their attitudes and personalities. They have become very independent and self-confident. Just 2 weeks ago when Julie took them outside, they stayed in the grass of our lawn and never moved more than about 5 feet from where you set them down. Now they have taken control of the lawn, the driveway, and are only days from driving away in our cars!! These are pictures from todays driveway adventures.