Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bath Tub Fun

Sadie's Snow Day

Ironically, Sadie was the one who was sick on this day. Maegan had gone to grandmas house for the day, so Sadie got to play in the snow by herself.

February 2010

It has been a long time since we have updated our blog. No we didn't drop off the face of the earth, but we certainly feel like it. Since Christmas, both girls and I have been sick 2 times each and we also found out we are having another baby, so Julz has been sick everyday since Jan 1st. We have also sold our house and are moving to a newer, bigger house not far away from where we live now. We haven't taken many pictures in the last 2 months, but these are some of the cute ones that we did take.

pony tails are so cool

We promise we won't cry anymore, just let us back in!!!

It snowed in February

When you get sick, you get to eat popcicles

some kids are naturals at eating popcicles, (she takes after her daddy)!
Sadie loves to play dressup, even at bedtime

Maegan loves to play in the kitchen

actually, they both love to play in the kitchen