Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goin for a Ride

We actually do have 2 girls who smile all the time. We just never are able to get it in a picture anymore. They won't stand still long enough! These are the best 2 smiling pictures from the last year probably, and they happened in August.
The make believe world of a 2 year old is a strange, fun and unexplainable thing. They went from pretending little things to pretending whole scenarios in just the last month. One day last week, they were pretending to take a stuffed animal to the doctor or something. They got their pretend cell phones, went out the front door, strapped the gorilla into the baby seat and got in the front, Maegan is driving and Sadie is along for the ride. I think I need to call the insurance company!!



Playing Dress-Up

There has been more than a few times when the girls get into dress-up mode. When they do they are extra cute. They like to put on our sunglasses and look cool. Sadie went over the top one day when Julz had a high school girl from church over. She stayed dressed-up all afternoon, and Maegan helped her get gussied up too.

Nanny's sunglasses are extra cool

Thats our little Sadie

She was into her baby on this day

Sometimes, we can even get them to smile for a picture, not very often though

Note the rain boots to top off the attire

Maegan loves to get dressed up and especially wear hats

Stormie has been known to get spruced up too

Sweet Maegan