Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What We Got For Christmas

This was the girls' first Christmas to really know what was going on. It was a great and fun month that we got to see them grow up from babies to little girls.

We got cool hats and a whole bucket of ornaments to play with

We got a new Elmo Christmas movie that we watched constantly

We got snow!!!

We got these cool new Elmo slippers

We got some sweet new santa pj's!!

We got to dress up and be big(ger) girls

We got our own Elmo dolls

We got a funny green tree in our living room

We learned how to eat our own apples and dip them
(in mommy's drink)

We got lazyboys!!!!!

Grandpa got us a table and chairs

We got a huge stuffed dog

We got ponies!!!!!

We got to go on a short vacation to East Texas and see family