Monday, October 13, 2008

Sadie and Maegan

Wow! I can't believe I am writing on my own blog!! I have not been motivated to look into making a blog, but now my motivation is my beautiful twin girls. They have sparked an interest in me to share with everyone the adventures of being a twin mom and so friends and family can know them... it's incredible and utterly exhausting. Aaron and I are so blessed and I thank God everyday. Sometimes I forget how precious, healthy and amazing they are and I just want to get away... a break. Then I am away and five minutes doesn't go by until I feel something and two somebodies are missing. It's crazy being a mom... Never a break, but God gives me the strength everyday.

They are almost 6 months old, three more days and they will be celebrating their first half birthday. They grow too fast, but at the same time it gets more fun the more they grow. Our days are pretty routine based, for my sanity and theirs. I am still breastfeeding, but also supplementing with a bottle or two a day. They girls have been sleeping through the night since they were two months old. There was a little disturbance about 2 months ago when they got sick and it took a month to get back to sleeping well at night. During that time we began to transition them to sleeping unswaddled and in seperate beds. Suprisingly the girls slept wonderful unswaddled. We also started the cry it out method of sleeping and we are still working on that. It is so hard to hear them crying, but I know in the long run we will all be blessed for it. Today, both nap times went great.... I layed them down and within 10 minutes went to sleep and slept two hours each. Another milestone they have reached this week is turning over from back to front! It is really cool and they are doing it in there sleep. I think it is helping them sleep better too... The only problem is when they wake up, they wake up crying louder for help!

Well that's it for now..I can go on forever about what the babies are up to and learning everyday. Hopefully I will keep up with this blog and share with you the ins and outs of twinhood! Also to keep you updated on our family... Aaron, me, Sadie and Maegan!

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